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    Potential exhibitors, aircraft owners and local vendors who are interested in taking part in the Chico Regional Airport Open House can visit our Vendor and Exhibitor Resources page to learn more and obtain all required documentation.For more information, contact us at:

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    The City of Chico, in collaboration with the Chico Air Museum, is proud to announce that the 2nd Annual Chico Regional Airport Open House will be hosted on October 19th, 2024 from 3pm to 7pm.Geared towards visitors of all ages, this event will give attendees of all ages the chance to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at operations at Chico Regional Airport. Exhibitors from organizations across the North State will be on-site and ready to offer attendees a wide variety of interesting things and subjects to explore, with local vendors and restauranteurs nearby to satiate your cravings and shopping curiosities. Make sure to bring your lawn chairs and blankets to get yourself a seat at an exclusive performance by the United States Air Force Band of the Golden West! For those curious about Chico Regional Airport's Commercial Air Service Development Campaign, make sure to visit us in the Terminal Lobby!Learn more at our Attendee Information page

    Learn how to help!

    Want to help contribute to this event? Find out how this event is supported and see how you too can get involved.Learn more at our Volunteer Information page

    Featured Exhibitors


    How can I attend?

    There will be free lawn chair seating for all attendees. Attendees wishing to bring their vehicle onto the ramp may purchase a ticket for $10, first-come first-served.Visit the event website to get tickets

    Movie Details

    Movie: Cars
    Start-Time: 7pm
    Run-time: 1hr 56min

    Come Join Us!

    Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind movie experience under the night sky! We are excited to introduce the Chico Airport Drive-In Movie Night, featuring cars, planes, food, and a fun night out for the whole family!The Chico Airport Drive-In Movie Night is more than just a night at the movies. It's an opportunity to remember the nostalgia of going to a drive-in movie, meet new people, and share the love of film in an engaging and unique environment. Our movie selection, Cars, is a family favorite and perfect for all generations!We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of fun, film, and camaraderie at the Chico Airport Drive-In Movie Night. Get ready for a night to remember!



    Directions Going North on CA-99
    1. Take CA-99N to the Cohasset Rd. Exit
    2. Take a right onto Cohasset Rd.
    3. Take a left onto Ryan Ave.
    Directions Going South on CA-99
    1. Take CA-99S to the Cohasset Rd. Exit
    2. Take a left onto Cohasset Rd.
    3. Take a left onto Ryan Ave.
    Directions From Downtown Chico
    1. Start Going N on Esplanade
    2. Take a right onto Eaton Rd.
    3. Take a left onto Cohasset Rd.
    4. Take a left onto Ryan Ave.


    Chico Regional Airport is happy to welcome you to its 2nd Annual Open House. This free event offers a variety of entertainment, including:

    Movie Night

    For those of you who wish to enjoy the airport a little longer, our co-hosts at Chico Air Museum will be teaming up with the Oro Dam Cruisers to present a drive-in movie immediately after the Open House.Visit the Movie Night page to learn more about this exciting event


    Attendees hoping to add a little fun to their day can take part in a scavenger hunt; successful participants can walk away with a variety of souvenirs and prizes as well as a chance to win a grand prize. Fancy yourself a budding aeronautical engineer? Take part in our Paper Airplane Contests!Learn more by visiting the Airport Manager's Booth during the event, located inside the Chico Regional Airport Passenger Terminal

    Pilot Resources

    This event is open to visitors both local and not-so-local! If you'd like to fly-in to enjoy this event, you're more than welcome to.Pilots wishing to display their aircraft along the Open House's delineation can reach out to to confirm your space; alternately, remaining spaces will be offered on a first-come, first served-basis on the day of the event.Fuel and general aviation services are available through:
    Northgate Aviation Chico Jet Center
    (530) 893-6727
    CTAF: 121.0
    UNICOM: 122.95
    ATIS: 119.675
    WX AWOS-3: 119.675 (530-879-3850)
    CHICO GROUND: 121.9
    CHICO TOWER: 121.0 239.3

    Open House F.A.Q

    When is the event?
    The KCIC Open House is on Saturday, October 19, 2024.
    Where is the event?
    The event will occur in the area surrounding the Chico Regional Airport Passenger Terminal and a designated area of the Chico Regional Airport Tarmac. Attendees can enter the event at the Chico Regional Airport Passenger Terminal, located at
    150 Air Park Blvd.

    Free parking is available in the terminal parking lot and along Fortress St.; parking is restricted in front of the CAL FIRE Air Attack Base and on roads immediately adjoined to the airfield.
    How long does the event go?
    Gates open to the public at 3pm; while the primary exhibition ends at 7pm, attendees can elect to attend the air-side movie night immediately following the event at the Chico Air Museum.
    Who can attend and how much is it?
    This event is open to visitors of all ages; attendees under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. There is no cost of attendance, however there will be items for sale at the event.
    What can I do at the event?
    Beyond getting the chance to explore Chico Regional Airport and Make sure to check out the Exhibitors and Vendors section to see what we will have on offer at the Open House!
    What should I wear?
    This is a casual event, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable with respect to general decency standards. Closed toe shoes are highly advised.
    Can I bring my pet(s)?
    Unfortunately, due to health and safety standards, all animals besides service animals are prohibited from this event.
    Can I bring my own food?
    Food and drink (excluding water contained in a reusable container) is restricted on the Chico Regional Airport tarmac. Visitors are welcome to consume their own food before entering the tarmac or enjoy a variety of offerings from local vendors joining us.
    How can I help with this event?
    Just coming out to join us is already more than enough! For those who wish to help with organizing this event, please visit our Volunteer Resources page.



    Directions Going North on CA-99
    1. Take CA-99N to the Cohasset Rd. Exit
    2. Take a right onto Cohasset Rd.
    3. Take a left onto Air Park Blvd.
    Directions Going South on CA-99
    1. Take CA-99S to the Cohasset Rd. Exit
    2. Take a left onto Cohasset Rd.
    3. Take a left onto Air Park Blvd.
    Directions From Downtown Chico
    1. Start Going N on Esplanade
    2. Take a right onto Eaton Rd.
    3. Take a left onto Cohasset Rd.
    4. Take a left onto Air Park Blvd.

    Exhibitor and Vendor Information

    Learn all about our event partners and what they have to offer by reading below.

    List of Vendors

    These are the only authorized vendors at this event
    To Be Announced

    U.S. Air Force

    From Beale Air Force Base, airmen of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing and 940th Air Refueling Wing act as one of the first line of defense in the nation's skies across the West Coast. Their fleet include the infamous U2 "Dragon Lady" spyplane, the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft, the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and a vast array of ground support equipment.Representatives of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing will join us to offer an exhibition of their explosive ordinance disposal procedures. Furthermore, the United States Air Force Band of the Golden West's Mobility Band will be take center stage and offer a high-energy performance of everyone's favorite pop and rock chart-topping hits for attendees.

    United States Forestry Service

    The United States Forestry Service, an entity of the United States Department of Agriculture, is the federal body delegated to oversee care of federal lands throughout the country. Their efforts to combat the threat of wildfires see them administer contracts with aerial firefighting companies who frequently visit Chico Regional Airport.Their team at Mendocino National Forest will join us to share about the many programs their agency administers and how you can prevent wildfires

    Dream Flights

    One of the nation's leaders in providing unique experiences for American veterans, Dream Flights is a non-profit organization known for its fleet of donated Boeing Stearman biplanes. They collaborate with local FBO Northgate Aviation to host the annual Chris Rock Memorial Dream Flights event at Chico Regional Airport.They will be exhibiting one of their trademark Boeing Stearman biplanes and a North American T-6 Texan. Their representatives will be proud to share more about their organization with interested attendees.

    Chico Police

    The Chico Police Department, as part of its community duties, is tasked with being the first response in ensuring the safety and security of Chico Regional Airport and its occupants.Their team will be on hand with an informational desk to share all about their operations within the Chico community.

    Chico Fire

    From Station 3, the Chico Fire Department is able to operate Chico Regional Airport's Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Equipment in the case of an emergency.This equipment, alongside a Chico Fire Department informational desk, will be available for exhibition.

    California Highway Patrol

    The California Highway Patrol's Office of Air Operations is one of the leading aerial law enforcement entities within the United States, with a capable fleet of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft ready to support operations across the state of California.Representatives will be joining as exhibitors to give an insight into their equipment and operations within the North State.

    BCSO Aviation Unit

    With a fleet of four manned aircraft and five unmanned aerial systems, Butte County Sheriff's Aviation Unit is the leading local entity to provide aerial support to public safety and search and rescue operations across Butte County.Their team will be joining us to share about what they do in the community and offer a glimpse at some of their equipment.

    Enloe FlightCare

    Enloe is one of the industry's leading FlightCare providers, providing air ambulance services to patients within a 75-mile radius of Enloe Hospital. Their operations frequently see them at Chico Regional Airport.Their team will be on hand to share information about their program and how you can benefit from Enloe FlightCare Membership.

    Dawson Taylor Aviation

    Dawson Taylor Aviation Services is one of the newest tenants at Chico Regional Airport. This organization, headed by husband and wife Dan Dawson and Cheyanne Taylor, provides instruction to up-and-coming helicopter pilots out of Chico Regional Airport.They will be offering introductory flights for interested students at their hangar throughout this event.

    Schooler Flying Co.

    Schooler Flying Co. is one of the longest-running businesses at Chico Regional Airport, often offering flight services and aircraft rentals.Harold Schooler will be joining us at the Open House, offering rides to attendees in his classic biplane. Rides booked the day of event, first-come first-served.

    Civil Air Patrol

    Beyond their role as an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol acts as a place of learning and development for youth. They carry out this mission at Chico Regional Airport through Composite Squadron 95.Their Cadets and Officers will be joining us to share more about their organization and their operations in Butte County.

    Adventure Flight

    Adventure Flight Lincoln is one of the region's premier flight services operators, giving you the chance to pursue your interests in flight in a wide array of aircraft.Andy Bibber, pilot extraordinare, will be bringing along his North American T-6 Texan to offer information about his organization and joyrides at a minimal cost. Make sure to take the chance to meet with Michaela, winner of the 2023 Palms-to-Pines Air Race and Adventure Flight's back-end lead.





    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at this event. As this is an event co-hosted by the Chico Air Museum, the majority of our event volunteers will be sourced from this organization. Those interested in learning about how they can participate in volunteering at the Chico Air Museum can visit their website for more information.Those still interested in volunteering time or resources to this event can reference the contact information to the right.

    Volunteer Contacts

    Volunteer to Help
    All inquiries regarding how you can participate as a regular volunteer can be directed to
    Volunteer to Provide Resources
    Those willing to temporarily offer or donate items of potential usage to this event can reach out to
    Volunteer to Exhibit
    If you have an aircraft to exhibit, please review our Pilot Resources
    If you wished to exhibit on behalf of an organization, please visit
    Vendor and Exhibitor Resources


    Exhibit With Us

    Whether an aviation entity or not, our mission is to help promote organizations within the Greater Chico community. If you believe your organization's values align with those of our event, consider exhibiting with us!We have availability both outside our terminal (informational booths) and air-side (aircraft and large vehicles).Reach out to for more information. Alternately, you can access the application to the right.

    Become A Vendor

    We are proud to promote vendors operated in the Greater Chico Area. Whether you offer food, knick-knacks or (almost) anything else, we have the space for you. Take advantage of the crowds from your booth or food truck and seeReach out to for more information, or view our Vendor Guidelines for clarification. Alternately, you can access the application to the right.

    We are proud to welcome organizations associated with

    and its partners

    Apply By 10/12/2024

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    Chico Regional Airport
    Chico Air Museum
    Relevant Emails
    All Event-related Inquiries:
    Aidan Rock-Arnarson, Airport Intern
    For General Inquiries:
    Tom Bahr, Airport Manager
    For Museum-related Inquiries:
    Chico Air Museum
    Relevant Phone Numbers
    Airport Information: (530) 896-7699
    Airport Office: (530) 896-7217
    Airport Manager: (530) 896-7216
    Mailing Address
    City of Chico Airport Manager
    150 Air Park Boulevard, Suite 110
    Chico, CA 95973
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    Certain areas at Chico Regional Airport are open to the public, including the
    Chico Air Museum.
    The Airport Manager's Office is open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please e-mail the Airport Manager.

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    The guidelines outlined are not exhaustive and additional enforcement may be exercised at the discretion of the City of Chico, its officers, boards and commissions, and members thereof, its employees and agents.All airport rules and regulations, in addition to all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances will remain in effect throughout the event.Any violations of these guidelines or any other rules, regulations, laws, and/or ordinances are addressed at the discretion of the City of Chico, its officers, boards and commissions, and members thereof, its employees and agents, and may result in removal from the event and prosecution in accordance with the terms set in place by California Code, Penal Code - PEN § 602Any and all inquiries related to these guidelines, their penalties, any actions taken with regard to them, etc. may be prepared in writing and mailed to:City of Chico Airport Manager
    150 Air Park Blvd., Suite 110
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